What does the word Iqama mean?

Iqama is an arabic word and it has two meanings:

An “Iqama” is a reference to the second call to prayer that is performed in the masjid prior to the start of salah. This call to prayer is quieter than the first, and more urgent. It signals the people within the masjid to hasten to fulfill the obligation of prayer and to fortify their connection with Allah (swt).

An “Iqama” can also be used as a reference to documents of identification or citizenship.

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Better Understanding the Islamic Calendar

It is in our nature to search for significance in the passing of each day, month, and year. But how many of us can truly say that we understand all of the commemorated dates of the Islamic Calendar? Can you list them off of the top of your head? Do you observe and / or […]

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The Chandelier of Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Coatesville Pennsylvania is home of an exact replica of an ornate chandelier that is found in the masjid of the prophet Mohammed PBUH in Medina. In our podcast interview, Mohammed Jamaludeen tells the story of how his good friend, was able to erect the masjid with the help of physicians in Egypt who saved his life while he was battling kidney disease on his way to umrah.

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Unapologetically Muslim: Islam, Leadership, and Service

In an effort to explore the intricacies of the Muslim American Identity, we interviewed William Antoun Salame, the Outreach Director for the Islamic Organization of North American. In his interview, he reveals that the characteristics taught to Muslims by the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) (democracy, justice, equality, leadership, service, and integrity) are identical to the characteristics we […]

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The Other Ground Zero Masjid – The Assafa Islamic Center

Known by many as the Masjid on God Row, the sister to the ground zero masjid, and one of the facilities that spearheaded the development of the unique Muslim cemetery in New Jersey, the Assafa Masjid offers the Muslims of Manhattan a wide array of services. Mufty Luthfer Rahman Qasimy helps us get a better understanding of the history of this 6-story Islamic center and the community relationships that it has helped to develop.

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